Diversity Sequencing

TB Phylogeographic Diversity Sequencing Project

Different M. tuberculosis (TB) strains have varying virulence, immunogenicity, and drug resistance. However, currently sequenced T B genomes are thought to be responsible for only a minority of global TB burden.

This project, led by Sebastien Gagneux and Peter Small in collaboration with the NIAID-funded Broad Genomic Sequencing Center for Infectious Disease, exploits recently revealed TB global population structure to re-sequence 25 rationally selected TB strains as representatives of the TB global diversity and identify sequence polymorphisms between these strains.

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The main strain lineages of M. tuberculosis are associated with different geographic regions. Colors indicate the dominant lineage(s) in each country; from Gagneux et al. PNAS 2006 103(8):2869-73..
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phylogenetic tree of strains

Maximum parsimony phylogenetic tree based on concatenates of 89 genes in 108 strains of M. tuberculosis complex (MTBC)(adapted from Hershberg et al 2008 PLoS Biology 6 (12):e311.). The 6 main lineages of human MTBC are indicated as in Gagneux & Small 2007 Lancet Infect Diseases 7(5):328-37. For comparison with other MTBC nomenclature see Comas et al 2009 PLoS ONE 12;4(11):e7815. Strains marked by a blue dot have full or partial whole-genome sequence available in the public domain. Strains marked by a red dot were sequenced (or are being sequenced) in this project. [Click image to enlarge]

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Multiple Alignment of Diversity Sequencing Data